Gayatri Hull

Healing & Transformation Sessions and Healing Retreats are available in person and by Phone or Skype.

Gayatri Hull, headshot black and white Gayatri Hull has been working as a practicing healer and spiritual guide for over 25 years. She is a certified practitioner in the Raphaelite Healing Work™ and in One-to-One Processing. She also studied a hands-on-Healing and Transformation modality as taught by the internationally renowned healer Bob Moore.

Gayatri offers individual Healing & Transformation sessions, Raphaelite Work & One to One Processing and Sound Healing. Gayatri is a certified spiritual and healing retreat guide. She has given workshops on healing the heart, sound and healing, and leads both individual and group healing and spiritual retreats. Gayatri's teaching combines healing and the retreat process as a tuning of body, heart and soul. Gayatri has a healing practice in New Lebanon, NY where she resides.

To schedule a healing and transformation session or a healing retreat:
email Gayatri at

Healing & Transformation Sessions

Healing & Transformation sessions with Gayatri offer clients a unique opportunity to experience a transforming and healing presence through the use of healing touch, presence, breath, light, sound, and awareness.

This healing method invokes a new ecology of being while nurturing and maturing the active principles of the true self. The individual can experience this healing-transformation as a discussion inclusive of the five domains of human existence: the physical, the emotional, the mental, the social (relationship) and the spiritual body. In a healing session we attend to each of these domains, offering the possibility of wellness, illumination, and an ongoing celebration and healing of the sacred.

Gayatri's approach has been described by clients as: Deeply relaxing, recharging, opening, energizing, vitalizing, nurturing, restoring, and healing. This work helps reestablish one's “natural rhythm and tone.”

Testimonials from people who received a hands on healing session

“Thank you so much for your healing session. It had a marvelous effect upon a very ancient wound of my soul. I had thought I was only going for a massage, or an adjustment, but what was, and continues to unfold in me is miraculous. “

“The healing session changed my life.”

“It was a profoundly transforming, uplifting magnitude of positive energy and light.”

Healing Retreats

Healing Retreats are for:

  • Individuals seeking a time of solitude and retreat to transform, heal, replenish and restore.
  • Caregivers and health professionals seeking self care, more vitality and balance.
  • Individuals dealing with health issues that need loving support, healing and transformation.

Testimonials from people who shared their insights and comments about their retreat.

My life is so much better, more embodied for having taken these healing retreats. I like to be here annually as a touchstone and a remembrance of my wholeness. A wonderful sacred space was created with lots of support, caring and safety to be present to that which was needed. I was able to receive just what I needed from a very caring and loving retreat guide. many thanks for a wonderful, rejuvenating, restorative retreat.
This healing retreat was: Most hopeful, affirming, loving, peaceful. embracing environment I've ever been in. I'm humble and grateful and hopeful.
Instead of asking oneself, What do I need to be successful? ask yourself, what do I need to be true to myself?
--Pir Vilayat
God opens Doors!

How would you describe your experience?

“Amazing, Healing, Restful.”

“Profoundly healing, yet leaving me in a sound and harmonious resonance for my life.”

“I began to walk slower-
walking with intention-
I will focus on carrying
that out into the world
with me everyday.”